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How to find excellent mobile app developer?

 The mobile apps and games have become one of the most powerful tools in marketing and promoting activities for different businesses. Hence, the demand to create good amount of mobile apps in the current market is surging with every passing day. With increasing amount of smartphone and tablet devices use for platforms like Android, Windows, iOS and BlackBerry, the need of developing mobile apps have become important. More and more businesses are looking out for developers to get their business mobile apps developed for marketing and promoting their products or services. If you are keen in finding out an excellent mobile app developer, the following points can help you the best:
Use your network to find a reliable developer
The best way to start finding a reliable developer is through references. So, start asking your friends, family, business associates, office employees, etc. To get references of professional companies or freelance developers. However, if nothing works, the next vital option comes from the web. Start your search over sites like Google, Yahoo or Bing in order to find the best man for this job by jotting down a list in your diary.
Prescreen for clear communication
The above exercise can help you in jotting down few names of developers or companies active in the field of apps development. In this step, you are supposed to communicate clearly to your prospective developer. In this step, you are supposed to discuss your ideas and requirements in brief so that you can shortlist people, which matches your budget and requirements.
Find the right skills
The developers can learn to code while using different languages, however, it is not recommended having them do the same while working on your project. The popular mobile platform languages include Objective C for iOS and Java for Android, which are tough to master than any other common languages like Ruby or PHP, hence consider the one who is known for having specific skills you require. Do keep in mind that the front-end application you would see over the mobile device would also demand a web based backend in order to support hosted content or for push notifications. Whilst, the cloud services including Parse will not demand any full server support for mobile apps. Your prospective developer is support to write code, which links to your chosen services.
 Check the Portfolio
The last part of your hiring process is gauging the prior work of developers. Check the profile of your prospective developer, which can showcase their skills. If they have developed apps and are found in the app store, take your time to download followed by playing the same. Check how these apps are rated, have a look at their reviews, play it to find bugs (if any), check how long the apps take to open, etc. Before you review the apps, you need to ask the developer/company to describe these projects and their feedback on the outcome.
Wrapping up
These are some vital tips, which can help you in finding the best mobile app developer. Above all, you need to consider human elements as well, so follow your gut feeling (your instincts) as well while hiring a reliable mobile developer.